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  1. Nancy Husari
    Nancy Husari says:

    I ask that the upcoming tree removal be postponed so that further study and homeowner input can occur. I’d like to see a policy change in which owners and renters can be informed well in advance of the tree removal and be included in the decision making process.

  2. Lisa
    Lisa says:

    I would like to know the size of the proposed replacement trees and how soon they are expected to provide privacy again.

    I noted that one of the reasons for removal is that the trees are blocking the street lights. Could they just be thinned out some and solar ground lights added where security is a concern.

  3. Susan sperry
    Susan sperry says:

    The trees health in this complex has not been maintained for many years and they have been trimmed by unprofessional tree trimmer’s. That is why they were dying A former board member hired someone to trim the tree in front of my other unit which is on the post office side . Within a year it was dying . also a board member said that the tree in front of my unit on the third floor was dying ..I hired an arborist and I paid to trim my tree in front of my unit . That was 12 years ago and now they trimmed the tree again . This time I did not pay .
    There was an issue with the roots of one interfering with the plumbing, but not all of them would have died if they have been properly taken care of and trimmed by a professional .

  4. Nancy Husari
    Nancy Husari says:

    I came home from Yosemite and found the beautiful tree in front of my condo had been cut down in my absence. I had asked for a postponement for further study and never received a reply. I never saw any rationale for why the trees were to be removed except that they were “old and diseased.” Any large tree is old. That’s why they’re large. As far as blocking street lights, well that “problem” has been solved. The bright lights from the post office parking lot are aimed right at my bedroom, so now I’ll have to get blackout blinds for the bedroom and a sun shade for my upstairs balcony because it’s much hotter without the trees. (Trees plural because the others were cut in 2015)

    • willowsadmin
      willowsadmin says:

      We knew the trees were badly diseased, but what we learned after the cut was that the tree was rotted in its core all the way to the base. We were very fortunate that heavy winds did not blow it over. We have photos of the rotted trunk and cut pieces of diseased wood for anyone who wishes to view them.


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