Suggestions for garage sale expenditures

What would you like to do with the garage sale funds? Post a comment here our use the contact us link.

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  1. Yasemin Paetsch-Newgren
    Yasemin Paetsch-Newgren says:


    Here are my suggestions:

    Hallway popcorn ceiling removal/painting: Ever since the great and bright LED lights have been installed, the outdated popcorn texture and dirt/water spots are more noticeable than ever. It’s probably not the most urgent issue but I’d like to put it out there.

    New buzz in system:
    Not everyone has the necessary area code and the google phone number dial in isn’t the perfect solution either. I think it would be great to update the buzz in system to something more modern and better working for everyone.


  2. Leslie Gallagher
    Leslie Gallagher says:

    There was a great suggestion on Nextdoor to use the proceeds from the garage sale to remove the popcorn coating on the hallway ceilings. The new LED lights really show how old and stained they are. We are looking into this as we plan our remodel and it is not as expensive as I thought it might be.

    • Lisa
      Lisa says:

      The popcorn has asbestos and was pricey to remove in part of my unit. Around $2000 just for master and hallway.I would love to know who you are talking to as if love to do the rest of my unit. Thanks!

  3. Lisa Simmons
    Lisa Simmons says:


    Update 70’s globe lighting in courtyard and on patios. 2700 to 3000K…. not the harsh light in our hallways.

    New pool cushions for furniture.

    Clubhouse furniture updates.

  4. Susan Sperry
    Susan Sperry says:

    Purchase a rechargeable electric scooter for the security guards to cover the garages and courtyard, this would allow him to cover all the areas in half the time. We should provide security guards with license plate numbers, because when someone is parked in the wrong space, the security guard can call the offender or the homeowner.
    For an example, some windshield wipers were pulled off years ago and George did not have the homeowners license plates corresponding to their phone numbers to call them. However I called APD. It cost me $150 to fix my windshield wipers. Incident happened five years ago.


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