South Shore Center and Grant Deed Restrictions & May 1 SSC Meeting Agenda with Executive Board

April 6, 2018

Dear Residents of the Willows,

In May and June of 2017, an asset manager associated with South Shore Center approached the Willows Board of Directors and the Community Association Manager to inquire about our property and the deeded restrictions. Their desire was to have us waive our restrictions on the deed.  South Shore also offered to and was willing to pay our attorney fees if we agree to sign a “general release” that would allow them to remove any restrictions from the deed that was agreed upon many years ago. 

Prior to signing, the Board directed the Community Association Manager to go to the county and obtain records.  When he returned, the records were reviewed by the Board and Manager and it was determined, that we, the Association would have our attorney review the documents and provide us with legal counsel which occurred in September of 2017 and is on-going.   

Over the next few months and into the early part of 2018, the asset manager at South Shore continued to send emails encouraging us to “just sign the release and stating it’s not a big deal”.  After reviewing the documents, corresponding with our attorney, and based on legal advice, we are notifying resident owners in order to be transparent of  South Shore’s intent; they want the Board of Directors to sign a “general release” that allows South Shore to do what ever they want with the post office parcel at South Shore, which is clearly the only thing the parcel can be, unless the Board of Directors agree to the release.  

The Board of Directors is not in support of granting the request and we oppose the “general release or blanket release” because South Shore and its agents are not willing to provide any details, plans, or even a general outline that we can present to association members. As this progresses, or if additional details are provided by South Shore or its agents, we will share as they become available.  


The basic history is:  In 1957 a portion of the parcel, also known as the post office and our parcel, also known as The Willows, there is/was an easement and restrictions on the grant deed of what and how the land can be used. The Willows based on the recording filed in 1970, has the right to restrict the land and its use and what businesses can be located in the adjoining parcel/tract  

Again, the Board of Directors is not in support of granting the request and we oppose the “general release or blanket release” proposed by South Shore and its agents until more details are provided with regard to the planned use of the parcel/tract that is occupied and restricted to a Post Office by the grant deed.  

The board is making this information available to association members and we want you to be informed as this progresses. We hope you will find this information helpful.  

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us through our website.  


The Willows Board of Directors


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  1. Rich
    Rich says:

    I read this when I received the letter in the mail and found it very interesting. I am in agreement with the board that we should not waive our rights and sign the release. That is the main Post Office on the island and I would prefer it stay right where it is. If it closed for some reason I would like see a clear plan of what is to be built there before granting any release.

  2. JoanAnn
    JoanAnn says:

    Obviously later to this conversation yet appreciate that the current Board of Managers we’re not convinced by South Shore Center’s representative that indicated that it was no big deal.

    It is a big deal and thank you to all who said no to this proposal!


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