Tree removal project 2018

Dear Owners,


This is to inform you that seven pine trees in front of units #228 & #422; on the side of unit #234; in front of units #148, #248 & #348; in front of unit #450; at the corner of Franciscan Way and Post Office; on the side of unit #266; in front of units #155, #255 & #355 are all scheduled for removal in the week of September 24, 2018.  Also, scheduled for removal are four other trees, in between units #295/#297; in front of unit #233 and two birch trees behind the clubhouse.  Unfortunately all of these trees are old and diseased, some are dead. They are being removed because of the safety hazard they present and also their removal will allow our new drought tolerant low maintenance landscape to thrive. Replacement trees will be planted as well as companion hedges and decorative bushes that will grow well with and compliment the trees.


Map with tree locations planned for removal is in the back of this notice.


You may or may not be directly affected by the tree removal.  Please let us know your questions and comments about this project by going to your new website and email the Board, or you can respond by writing on this notice and dropping it off in our mailbox.




Willows Board of DirectorsTree removal 2018 – map

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