Security Cameras and Watching Real/Live Footage Discussion

Crime has significantly increased over the past few months in the South Shore Area and property crimes are on the rise. In addition to our cameras, the board is considering having an outside security company/contractor monitor cameras in conjunction with security rounds, would you support an outside security company/contractor watching security footage ?

For discussion and feedback a poll was created to gauge resident/owner feedback about having live security footage reviewed/watched in real time.  All residents/owners may have privacy concerns with security cameras.  There are no fees, considerations, questions, or issues other than privacy and some felt it would/could be met with resident/owner privacy concerns; so the poll was created because we have cameras, do  residents/owners have an expectation to privacy, or will adding or having a company watch live footage be an invasion of privacy?



Tree removal project 2018

Dear Owners,


This is to inform you that seven pine trees in front of units #228 & #422; on the side of unit #234; in front of units #148, #248 & #348; in front of unit #450; at the corner of Franciscan Way and Post Office; on the side of unit #266; in front of units #155, #255 & #355 are all scheduled for removal in the week of September 24, 2018.  Also, scheduled for removal are four other trees, in between units #295/#297; in front of unit #233 and two birch trees behind the clubhouse.  Unfortunately all of these trees are old and diseased, some are dead. They are being removed because of the safety hazard they present and also their removal will allow our new drought tolerant low maintenance landscape to thrive. Replacement trees will be planted as well as companion hedges and decorative bushes that will grow well with and compliment the trees.


Map with tree locations planned for removal is in the back of this notice.


You may or may not be directly affected by the tree removal.  Please let us know your questions and comments about this project by going to your new website and email the Board, or you can respond by writing on this notice and dropping it off in our mailbox.




Willows Board of DirectorsTree removal 2018 – map

2018-19 Budget & Reserve Study

South Shore Center and Grant Deed Restrictions & May 1 SSC Meeting Agenda with Executive Board

April 6, 2018

Dear Residents of the Willows,

In May and June of 2017, an asset manager associated with South Shore Center approached the Willows Board of Directors and the Community Association Manager to inquire about our property and the deeded restrictions. Their desire was to have us waive our restrictions on the deed.  South Shore also offered to and was willing to pay our attorney fees if we agree to sign a “general release” that would allow them to remove any restrictions from the deed that was agreed upon many years ago. 

Prior to signing, the Board directed the Community Association Manager to go to the county and obtain records.  When he returned, the records were reviewed by the Board and Manager and it was determined, that we, the Association would have our attorney review the documents and provide us with legal counsel which occurred in September of 2017 and is on-going.   

Over the next few months and into the early part of 2018, the asset manager at South Shore continued to send emails encouraging us to “just sign the release and stating it’s not a big deal”.  After reviewing the documents, corresponding with our attorney, and based on legal advice, we are notifying resident owners in order to be transparent of  South Shore’s intent; they want the Board of Directors to sign a “general release” that allows South Shore to do what ever they want with the post office parcel at South Shore, which is clearly the only thing the parcel can be, unless the Board of Directors agree to the release.  

The Board of Directors is not in support of granting the request and we oppose the “general release or blanket release” because South Shore and its agents are not willing to provide any details, plans, or even a general outline that we can present to association members. As this progresses, or if additional details are provided by South Shore or its agents, we will share as they become available.  


The basic history is:  In 1957 a portion of the parcel, also known as the post office and our parcel, also known as The Willows, there is/was an easement and restrictions on the grant deed of what and how the land can be used. The Willows based on the recording filed in 1970, has the right to restrict the land and its use and what businesses can be located in the adjoining parcel/tract  

Again, the Board of Directors is not in support of granting the request and we oppose the “general release or blanket release” proposed by South Shore and its agents until more details are provided with regard to the planned use of the parcel/tract that is occupied and restricted to a Post Office by the grant deed.  

The board is making this information available to association members and we want you to be informed as this progresses. We hope you will find this information helpful.  

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us through our website.  


The Willows Board of Directors



Revised Fine Policy – April 2018

Notice of Proposed Change. Before adopting or amending an Operating Rule or changing the fine schedule, the board must provide notice of a proposed rule change at least 30 days before making the rule change. (Civ. Code §4360(a).) The Willows Board is rescinding the policy mailed March 19, 2018. 

Revised Policy.The board will be voting on the policy within 90 days. Please provide comments by May 15, 2018. 

Penalty Schedule:  (after a Warning the Following Penalty Schedule Applies) for rule violations within 1 year (365 days) from the occurrence of the 1st fine. 

1st  Violation                                                                                                              $50.00

2nd   Violation (same offense)                                                                                $100.00

3rd  Violation (same offense)                                                                                 $300.00

Additional Violations (same offense)                                                                   $300.00

Imminent threat to public health or safety.                                                        $300.00

Continuing Violation (a single violation that persists)              daily fines until cured

Suspension                                                    common area privileges may be suspended

Assessment                                                     may be levied to reimburse HOA expenses


Open Forum/Suggestions/Discussions

City Priorities – Suggested/Proposed Parcel Tax

Interesting city survey results and how those results are being used to justify/placing a new parcel tax on the June 2018 ballot.

Copied Text from -Sarah Henry, Public Information Officer, City of Alameda

“Thank you for your recent feedback on City priorities. We value Alameda’s quality of life and wanted to hear from residents regarding nearly $300 million in infrastructure needs that are above and beyond current and projected funding. To hear from as many community members as possible, we conducted polling by phone, produced a survey by mail, conducted presentations to dozens of community groups and civic organizations, published an online survey, posted about the survey on social media, and published a press release regarding the survey that was covered by the local media. More than 3,500 Alamedans joined the conversation and shared their priorities. The top five responses to the survey were: 1) improving traffic safety/flow, 2) repairing potholes and sidewalks, 3) maintaining City streets, 4) maintaining/repairing public storm drains to prevent flooding/keep pollution out of the Bay, and 5) disaster preparedness.

As a result of this feedback, staff is recommending the Alameda City Council place a $95 million general obligation bond on the June 5, 2018 ballot. To allow Alameda voters to decide on this measure in June, a supermajority vote of the City Council (four of five members) is required. If the Council places this measure on the ballot, it will then require a two-thirds vote of the people for the measure to pass. If the measure passes, the City of Alameda would tackle a significant amount of unfunded infrastructure needs that are consistent with the priorities identified in our outreach: clean water and Bay; safe, clean parks; traffic safety/congestion management; and disaster preparedness.

The agenda for the February 20, 2018 City Council meeting is posted here. Item 6-A on the agenda is a presentation by staff to the Council regarding the City’s infrastructure needs and staff’s recommendation to place a bond measure on the ballot. The City Council is not voting to support or oppose this measure, simply to place the measure on the June ballot for voters to consider. Exhibit 1 in the staff report outlines a list of clean water, street repair, and disaster preparedness infrastructure needs. If approved by Alameda voters, property owners can expect an average levy of $23 per $100,000 of assessed value per year. At the same time, individuals may benefit, as Californians pay an estimated $800 per year in repairs required by potholes and poorly maintained streets and roads.

Thank you for your participation, and we will continue to keep you updated as we develop our plan to address the City’s most critical infrastructure needs”.

Many thanks, Sarah Henry

Public Information Officer

City of Alameda


Suggestions for garage sale expenditures

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Comment on Landscaping/tree replacement/removal

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